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Hacks for Using Immersion Blender

Immersion blender is a very useful piece of equipment to have in your kitchen. If you have recently bought one, you will see how many ways you can make use of it to make your everyday tasks simpler and faster. Before you know it, it will be involved in most of your kitchen chores and you will not be able to imagine a life without it. Follow these tips to get the most out of your immersion blender and to use it safely and effectively:

  1.    When you immerse the blender in a liquid, make sure that the motor part of the blender does not come in contact with the liquid. It should be at least an inch above the level of the liquid.
  2.    Use a high sided container to blend your ingredients. This ways you can prevent the surroundings from any unnecessary food splashes. Splashes can also be avoided by turning the blender on after its blades are completely inside the liquid and turning it off before you start removing the blender.
  3.    Avoid using it with non-stick cookware because your blender can damage the non-stick coating. Use a durable metal container for your blending tasks to avoid any damage.
  4.    Most immersion blenders are not as strong as countertop blenders. If you perform heavy tasks with them like crushing ice, it may damage the motor. Read the specifications and the instruction manual to understand which tasks your blender can and cannot perform.
  5.    For most effective performance keep the immersion blender tilted and moving inside the liquid. It does not produce the desired results when held stationary at one position.
  6.    For hard foods, cut them into smaller pieces for faster and easier blending. Also, very large pieces of hard food may harm the motor if it is not strong enough. If a chopping or grinding attachment is available with your blender, you can use that before blending to chop large pieces into smaller ones.
  7.    Although best immersion blender is well suited for blending hot liquids, do not leave it in hot food that is being cooked unnecessarily for too long. Once you have used the blender, remove is immediately.
  8.    Make sure there are no hard food items like bones in the liquid that is to be blended. Bones can damage the blades as well as the motor.
  9.    When you are using your hand blender for whisking, choose a container that has a capacity large enough to hold the increased volumes of food. The reason is, while whisking, the volume of food like egg-whites and whipped cream increases.
  10.   Make sure you read instruction manual carefully before operating your blender for the first time.

Follow these tips along with the instructions given in the instruction manual of your hand blender to use your appliance safely and effectively. With good care, a good quality hand blender will serve you effectively for years before you have to think about buying a new one.

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Masticating Juicer Review

The Tribest GSE-5000 takes the cake with a 200 watt motor which spins at an RPM frequency that is as spectacularly low as 47! This slow masticating juicer gives off the least heat and squeezes juice out from fruits in the most gentle and preserving manner, yielding juice which is rich in digestive enzymes and slow to turn bad. This Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Cold Press Juicer machine reduces noise pollution as it runs silently and owing to the 3-stage pressing mechanism embedded inside it slowly extracts the most juice out of almost anything that you put in it.

For juicing and crushing tougher food items, the Tribest also gives an additional feature to increase speed and crush faster. Overall, the Tribest GSE-5000 is capable of extracting better quality juice more swiftly than most cold press juicers.

There are many variations and alternatives in the market for cold press juicers. These reviews should give you a better idea of what you want and should help you choose between the different juicers that are present in the market today.

How can Mini Food Processor Help you in Saving Money and TIme Both

Gone are the days when people had hours to waste in the kitchen, dicing, chopping, cutting and slicing vegetables. In these modern times, there are machines to replace almost all of your manual work so that you can utilize your time elsewhere. Similarly knife, mortar, shredder and more of such manual tools have been replaced by the more advanced and more efficient food processor to do all your chopping and slicing within minutes.

If you want for yourself all the convenience that a food processor has to offer but do not have the money for it or are short of storage space in your kitchen to keep such a large appliance, purchasing a mini food processor is the right call for you. It will help you with countless recipes while being extremely convenient to use and clean.

With the use of this appliance, you will be saving much of the time you were otherwise spending on preparing ingredients with a knife. With the food processor doing all the hard work many times faster, you will only be left with the cooking part of the recipe which is much simpler and keeps you less involved.

It also helps you save money in many ways. For starters, it provides all the benefits of a regular food processor by making your kitchen chores easier and faster but with a much lower price tag. With this simple appliance you can fix quick and easy snacks for yourself like smoothies, salads and banana soft serve so that you will not be spending money on buying packaged snacks from the stores. Not only will it save you loads of money but will also promote a healthier, homemade diet. Since mini food processors are not as powerful as their bigger counterparts, they have lower wattage and therefore run on much lesser electrical energy and do not put much of a contribution to your electricity bills. For purchasing 10 best mini food processor reviews can help you in picking one.

The popularity of mini food processors is growing among cooks and chefs with each passing day because of their affordability, convenience and simple operation. If you are not convinced, you will have to buy one to see all the different ways in which it can help you in your kitchen. With this small but great appliance you will also find out all the interesting meal possibilities which you could not have possibly made without it.

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